• Turning The Words Upside Down, For A Cleaner Toilet Bowl
    How do you get consumers to flip for your housecleaning product? Start by persuading them to flip their Twitter posts.
  • Underground Puzzle Leads to Dirty Picture -- And Daffy's Discount Prices
    Daffy's launched an unbranded outdoor campaign in subways last month that drove New Yorkers to Twitter for answers.
  • Art Imitates Art Advertises Art
    The Durham Arts Council holds a twice-yearly Art Walk in Durham, N.C. that showcases original art from local artists while supporting the city's downtown neighborhood. The nonprofit enlisted volunteers to create 50 pieces of "art" from donated materials to promote the April event.
  • Hungry? This Radio Ad Dials Your Dinner Reservation
    Whoever said radio was a dead ad medium never had their phone dialed by a radio spot. Can a print ad make dinner reservations? I don't think so.