• Saving The Drive-In, One Digital Projector At A Time
    It seems as though every year, as summer draws to a close, we hear about one more drive-in movie theatre that's gone out of business or had to shut down due to the cost of converting to digital projection. It just seems that, for this one cherished piece of the American experience, the required conversion to digital is potentially more likely to bury the business model rather than bring it into the future. Enter Project Drive-In, a movement created and Kickstarted by American Honda to help rescue as many drive-ins as possible by funding their conversion to digital projection.
  • When Medium Becomes Message, It's Just Smart Thinking
    As we kick off the 10thanniversary of Advertising Week in New York this week, one can't help but watch for the bevy of out-of-home and place-based messaging agencies and social media companies will post across Gotham in an effort to draw attention. That said, there are times when out-of-home media delivers something so simple, so beneficial and so creatively effective that it doesn't require any new "tech" or interactivity to pull off a powerful brand message.
  • "Don't Text and Die" Campaign Makes Distracted Phone Users Appear Dead
    Happiness Brussels launched a print and outdoor road safety campaign throughout Belgium that illustrates disastrous outcomes for drivers who text while driving.
  • In Peru, Creative Media Placement Also Provides Critical Means Of Survival
    Just when you thought few, if any, forms of advertising could really make a direct difference in people's lives, here comes one of the most inventive forms of outdoor advertising ever executed, merging the human need for water with a billboard placement in the desert region outside Lima, Peru.