• Virtual Concierge Allows Hotel Guests Access to Amenities Without Human Interaction
    If users fall in love with their iPod Touch, they can have it added to their bill. Because buying one in a real world setting might require human contact.
  • Coke Promo: Scan Soda Can, Get Mobile Content
    We've seen bar codes placed in print ads that drive viewers to a microsite housing additional brand information. Coca-Cola launched an ad campaign in Singapore offering free downloadable content to consumers who scan its cans.
  • Driving Hamsters: Icing On Kia Cake?
    Chocolate is good, especially if the chocolate is wrapped around a caramel. Even by themselves, caramels are delightful. And ice cream can be phenomenal. Not for a steady diet, mind you. As I repeatedly tell my kids, treats are additive to a good, healthy eating plan, not a replacement for the vegetables. That is why I like the recent Escape from Hamsterdam game from Kia. This campaign has all the hallmarks of a real treat: a Facebook app, a game requiring a webcam, and an augmented reality experience. For the young, educated target audience, the elements are right on path …