• Here Comes The Sunvertising
    Why go over budget with an ad campaign when you can defray costs by using nature's natural light as your ad medium? That's right: Let the sunshine in... to create outdoor ads promoting the use of sunscreen.
  • There IS A Free Lunch -- Inflight, Courtesy of Our Sponsor
    Gauging the amount of advertising a person can take often depends on the degree of exposure and whether the consumer receives an incentive in return. Personally, I'd rather arrive at a movie late to avoid sitting through a handful of ads prior to previews. But let's say I'm taking a short flight and I'm offered a free lunch or snack that comes in a sponsored-covered box. Show me the advertising!
  • Classing Up Comfort Food Helps Sell Wisconsin Cheese
    Florida has oranges and key lime pie. Maryland has crab cakes. Idaho has potatoes. And Wisconsin has cheese. Get ready for imagery guaranteed to make your mouth water, unless you're lactose-intolerant.
  • Facebook Gets Classy: School Offers Enrollment Through Social Network
    How do you boost enrollment at a university in Brazil, a country that's home to more than 2,000 universities? Offer online enrollment through Facebook, of course.