• BBH Barn Interns: First Sartalics, Now 'Social Tattoo'
    Three weeks ago, I wrote about a trio of BBH Barn interns who created Sartalics, the font to use when being sarcastic in email, tweets and texts. Emoticons are for the emotionally challenged; this eliminates those pesky misunderstandings in cyberspace. Now, you'll recognize a dis and deal with it. At the same time, another intern troika, also asked to "change perception famously," came up "The Social Tattoo Project."
  • Converse Turns Sneakers Into Wall Of Gaming, Music And Mirror Imaging
    This past spring, Converse created The Canvas Experiment -- a giant moving wall containing close to 500 Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in red, white and blue. Or 20 shoes high and 24 shoes wide.
  • ACTIVATE Promotes Active Lifestyle With Bicycle-Powered Vending Machines
    On Aug. 6 at the Grove Shopping center in Los Angeles, ACTIVATE drinks brought my favorite SportsCenter ad to life and raised money for a worthy organization.
  • Have A Snarkfest With Sartalics, The Font Designed For Sarcasm
    Three BBH Barn interns in the New York office were tasked with creating a campaign using the theme, "change perception famously." And so the font Sartalics was born. Sartalics is a reverse italics font to be used when tweeting, emailing or updating your Facebook status with a sarcastic comment.
  • 'Give Me An A!' OK, Be The A: Human Tweets Promote X Games
    The X Games 17 took place in Los Angeles last weekend, and Wieden+Kennedy New York created an offline way for fans to interact with X Games' athletes from an online venue. Introducing Human Twitter, bringing tweets to life on the small screen, with ESPN the network behind the project