• Branded Dollars Spread 'Positive' Financial Message
    Minyanville, which creates branded business content that educates and entertains adults and children about the world of finance, is seeding thousands of specially branded dollar bills into circulation as part of its "Get Positive on Money!" campaign. The company aims to educate the public on money management, especially in this down economy.
  • Cloudveil Targets Apologetic, Mate- and Pet-Neglecting, Outdoor-Sports Mavens
    Cloudveil makes products for hardcore mountain climbing, backcountry skiing, and fly-fishing enthusiasts. These hobbies depend highly on weather conditions, so plans can change at the drop of a hat. In other words, your beloved pet can hold it until you return home from a day of skiing. Since excuses are par for the course, Cloudveil launched a cross-promotional campaign that allowed consumers to purchase gear for themselves and buy an "I'm sorry" gift for someone at another Web site.
  • Is That A Refrigerator On Your Back? J&R's Promo Odyssey
    J&R Music and Computer World now boasts same-day delivery to consumers living in the metro New York area. The company celebrated the new service by launching its first-ever guerilla campaign, taking a unique spin on two New York City staples: bike messengers and Chinese takeout menus.