• Your Party's On The Line: Agency Pitches Itself Via Voicemail Radio Ads
    How often do you check your work voicemails and find the recording to be a radio ad? Better still, how often are your voicemails agency pitches in the form of mock radio ads? Not often, I'm guessing.
  • Arena Takes Golden Promo Cue From 'Willy Wonka'
    Mention Willy Wonka or his chocolate factory and chances are, you'll encounter children and adults alike with fond memories of Oompa Loompas, Violet Beauregarde and Veruca Salt. Combine social media with golden tickets hidden in chocolate bars and you have a daylong campaign executed last week in Boston.
  • What Do Shopping And Flying Have In Common?
    Advertising in mall parking garages has been kept to a minimum, due to strict fire regulations. Until now. Carspaze launched last year in Europe with its transformation of parking garages into 3-D advertising backdrops. European clients included Toyota, GM, Mont Blanc and Bulgari. The company has brought its concept and technology stateside, and the inaugural client is JetBlue.
  • What's The Frequency, U of K Football?
    College students and alumni alike love college football. The levels of love and loyalty, however, differ from person to person. The University of Kentucky created a traditional campaign that rewards its hard-core, loyal fan base with added zip.