• There's Gold In Them Thar Windows
    Just when we thought the content marketing machine Beyonce had set the creative output bar to a new level last week, here comes hubby Jay-Z, not to be outdone. His new fragrance for men, Gold, is being launched this Christmas with cool transmedia-like tactics, including this one-of-a-kind interactive installation in the windows of, where else? Macy's in Herald Square.
  • Sold! Century 21 Scores With Series Of Real-Time Marketing Campaigns
    Century 21 has impressed me with a pair of recent real-time marketing campaigns that highlight the real estate brand as both pop culturally relevant and quick to spin someone else's news announcement into a marketing coup for itself.
  • When Everyone Zigs, ZAP!
    Maintaining your brand's cultural relevance in the age of real-time marketing now means being prepared to use the context of current events whenever they happen. But there are some annual events that always make news, with universal truths that don't require digital newsrooms to put great creative in media context. Case in point, Thanksgiving travel. Nearly everyone travels somewhere Thanksgiving weekend, and whether you're coming or going, you're bound to be waiting somewhere -- especially if you're flying. Which is why ZAPPOS took to the baggage carousels of Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport to create a roulette-style game for passengers …