• The Digital Dossier From Cannes Cyberlions
    Among the big winners in last week's Cannes Cyberlions, was another stunning entry from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, whose "We Choose the Moon" site experience was among the best-in-class Web destination favorites from 2010. Last week, the library's latest "Clouds Over Cuba" interactive documentary via the Martin Agency & Tool of North America proudly took home Gold CyberLion honors for the U.S.
  • This Ad Is On Fire!
    As someone who thrives on innovative uses of technology in advertising, I make it a priority to check out lots of prototype ad formats and technologies integrated into new and native forms of brand messaging. But when someone takes a universal problem -- like cellphone battery life -- and solves it in an ad, then I'm really left wishing I had done that myself.
  • Fans Collaborate With Brand On Silk Soymilk Ads
    When an established brand alters the taste of its product, things can go really well or send consumers fleeing to find an alternative brand. Judging by the YouTube comments on Silk Soymilk's brand channel, feedback is split down the middle. On the flip side, consumers seemed to enjoy the campaign supporting the flavor change.