• Nationwide Insurance Paints The Wall Yellow
    One side of the Atlas building in downtown Columbus, Ohio was the recipient of a sloppy paint job in a not-so-mellow yellow hue. Let's hope they have great insurance. The messy paint experiment is part of a well-executed three-ad wallscape for Nationwide Insurance that's thinly disguised as a paint brand campaign.
  • Steve Harvey Flies With American Airlines
    As part of a multicultural effort to reach African-Americans, American Airlines brokered a deal with "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" and Premiere Radio Networks to broadcast airline news and information during the radio show, to an audience of almost five million weekly listeners.
  • Wedding Announcements Showcase 'Big Love'
    Is there a more appropriate place to promote a polygamous lifestyle than alongside the wedding announcements in The New York Times? HBO doesn't seem to think so.
  • Dow Chemical Maps Out Plight Of Unsafe Drinking Water
    Dow Chemical teamed up with National Geographic magazine for the next phase of its "The Human Element" campaign.