• Power To The Pedal
    BC Hydro lit up the holiday season last week in an eco-friendly way. The company launched the Power Smart LED Live Powered Billboard on Wednesday in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Art And Driver
    Sculptures and paintings are displayed in showrooms for art aficionados to admire. Cars are also displayed in showrooms for potential buyers to browse, although that's considered more lowbrow.
  • Murder On The Mind
    I'm saying it loud and proud: Entertainment Weekly is the platform to advertise a TV show, book, or movie in an untraditional way. A bloody knife doubling as a bookmark was inserted in last week's issue of EW alongside a print ad for the Court TV series "Murder by the Book," premiering tonight. Blood spatter has never been so trendy....
  • This Woman's Work
    A woman's work is never done. Couple that with the start of the holiday season and you're left with droves of women planning, preparing and doing the work of a small army. To combat this predicament, Woman's Day magazine teamed up with Unilever to launch the Unilever/Woman's Day "3-2-1 Countdown to the Holidays" promotion in the magazine's Nov. 14 issue.