• Lemons For Lemonade: Oil From BP Spill Used For Art To Aid Affected
    Happiness Brussels sent two creatives on a journey to Grand Isle, La. to gather oil from the BP spill to be used to create posters raising money for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.
  • If Code Could Sing... Microsoft Makes It Happen
    Microsoft continues to woo the developer crowd with tools only a techie could love. In September, the company created a fictional company, Web sites and products to promote Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Around the same time, a tool was quietly added to Microsoft.com that allows programmers to hear their code as music.
  • Got A Minute At The Denver Airport? Get A Free E-Book Download From FirstBank
    FirstBank, Colorado's largest locally owned bank, is known for its ad campaigns providing services to make life easier. This past August brought airport ads aimed at tiring small children so they'll sleep on the plane. The company's latest campaign at the Denver International Airport consists of signboards with a handful of QR, or quick-response, codes attached. Anyone with a smartphone can take a picture of the QR codes to unlock free goodies, like e-books, crosswords and sudoku puzzles.
  • The Talking Tree: Nature Personified May Be Best Eco-Messenger
    If a tree could talk, what would it say? Stop climbing me? Don't cut me down -- I have feelings, too? There's a tree living in Bois de la Cambre, a park in Brussels, Belgium that shares its feelings and observations about its surrounding environmental state. "Talking Tree" is a print and digital campaign for popular science magazine EOS. The initiative gives nature a voice on the hot topic of climate change and decreasing one's carbon footprint.