• Submedia Goes Above Ground With Campaign
    We've all heard of user-generated content. But here's an interactive user-generated campaign that comes to life when the user (pedestrian) walks past.
  • Are You An Influencer?
    Can your name double as a city name? Are you a club owner, former pro athlete, restaurateur, fashion designer, philanthropist or lifestyle editor? Then Level Vodka wants your number.
  • IBM Creates Branded Web Documentaries
    On the theory that "IBM's story is best told through the stories of their most successful customers," the company brought a series of case studies to life online.
  • Do You Want A House With That Christmas Tree?
    December is a busy, profitable month for retailers and the slowest time of the year for the real estate industry. One home building company decided to target families at a holiday-centric location, location, location (as in the old real estate saying) -- Christmas tree farms. Talk about combining family, festivities, homes and advertising in one fell swoop.
  • Message On A Coke Bottle
    This takes the message in a bottle concept to a whole other level.