• What's Inside Your Mailbox? A Gift From A Stranger
    A goodwill initiative from Happiness Brussels reminds me of SapientNitro's Great Twitter Secret Santa campaign from last year. The campaign matched a Twitter user with someone they follow on Twitter who also follows them. Since most tweeters don't always know their followers personally, this campaign served to make the online relationship closer through a gift exchange. Similarly, Happiness Brussels paired people worldwide with complete strangers for a little gifting action.
  • Not Just Bunnies, Nanotechnology: Oregon Lottery Touts Its Science Do-Goodism
    When I think of state lottery ads, I envision quirky, outlandish scenarios, like what's hiding inside Santa's beard, a lotto winner who outgrows the underground confines of the New York City subway system, and scratch-off flakes posing as wintry snowflakes. And bunnies. Who can resist bunnies? So imagine my surprise when I saw ads for nanotechnology and sustainable fuel projects, each funded by the Oregon Lottery. It's no secret that state lotteries fund various statewide public health, public safety and education services, but it's less common to see these services promoted alongside lottery playing. Consumers are more likely to recall …
  • Virtual Vending Machines Drive Moving Experience For MINI Canada
    If variety is the spice of life, then how about a virtual vending machine that allows passersby to select various varieties of a car -- the MINI R5X? Do you prefer salty or sweet?
  • Hold, Please: Agency Creates Pain-Free Music For Phone Waits
    The average hold time for a caller to the Seattle-based agency Creature is 38 seconds. The agency decided to become its own client and create customized music with a more upbeat tempo. The bad news: no more napping while you wait. The good news: you're subjected to hold music that moves your body.