• A&W Restaurant's Social Media Moves: Locked Out Of LinkedIn, Rebounds With Vine
    A&W Restaurants is jumping headfirst into social media with the help of its mascot, Rooty The Great Root Bear. Back in February, A&W Restaurants created a LinkedIn profile for Rooty, marking the first time a brand mascot had its own LinkedIn profile, according to the company. Those who added Rooty as a connection received a fun and light-hearted LinkedIn recommendation. Rooty wasn't able to deliver too many recommendations, however, because once LinkedIn caught wind of his page, it was shut down completely, because Rooty isn't a real person. In a follow-up video posted to YouTube, Rooty begs to differ.
  • A Campaign That Uses Its Noodle, Literally
    Nothing beats indulging in various ethnic cuisines while on vacation but what to do when a craving arises and you're stateside? A branding campaign for Noodles & Company curbs worldly cravings with outdoor, newspaper, radio and online elements supporting the company's "Your World Kitchen" initiative.
  • Look Up: Agency Transforms Water Tower Into Art Projector
    Rusty, the 100-year-old water tower that resides on the roof of Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis, received an artistic upgrade that draws pedestrian attention skyward. The agency partnered with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to create a loop of mapping projections -- like raccoons and the woman from Hall & Oates' "Maneater" -- running throughout April from sunset until midnight.
  • The Latest Impulse Buy: A Car?
    When I think of impulse buys, I think of the candy section at the grocery store and the trial-sized beauty supplies that consume the checkout line at Sephora. But a car, as an impulse buy, is something I'm not buying. While this ad for Volkswagen Canada is clever -- not to mention challenging for the production team -- I'd position the car as affordable without labeling it as an impulse buy.
  • Ketchup Art Marks Condiment Brand's 50th Anniversary
    We've all heard the term "playing with your food" -- but what about playing with your condiments? And this is no April Fools' Day joke. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Felix Ketchup, Helsinki-based agency hasan & partners commissioned British pop artist Nathan Wyburn for an experiential and digital campaign that involved people, portraits and an endless supply of ketchup.