• Schin Water's Wearable Recycling Results
    Schin Water in Brazil puts plastic bottles into countless hands. Since many people don't recycle, the brand wanted to raise awareness about the importance of recycling by using unconventional means.
  • In-Your-Face Marketing
    Sometimes subtlety doesn't cut it when it comes to cause marketing; aggressive, in-your-face advertising is the key to stimulating change. Take an awareness campaign for the Weingart Homeless Center, for example.
  • Bank Serves Up Biscuits To Cement Customer Bond
    Countybank, located in Greenville, South Carolina, was looking for a way to promote BizKit, a new business banking package customized for individual business needs. But how does a bank convey trust, security and understanding at a time when people's mattresses resemble a more practical banking option? The answer lies in the product name: BizKits. Biscuits.
  • Need Some Swagger In Your Life?
    Look no further than Swaggerizeme.com, a Web site created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland on behalf of Old Spice Swagger. The microsite allows users to create fake online articles "that make you look awesomely awesome."
  • Heineken Gets A Shiner At ACL Music Festival
    In this down economy, brands both large and small possess smaller marketing budgets -- and often, less is more. For example, Shiner Beer used limited resources to create a presence at last year's Austin City Limits Music Festival. Here's the catch: the three-day festival already had an exclusive, paying beer sponsor.