• Look Up! It's A Bird... No, A Zeppelin, Promoting Disney/Pixar Film
    Often the best way to promote a movie or product is the most obvious route. Case in point: a campaign for the Disney/Pixar movie "Up." The film follows a crotchety old man who travels to South America in a floating house, Disney/Pixar promoted the movie with a Zeppelin airship.
  • Augmented Reality Takes Cover... of 'Popular Science'
    Augmented Reality, the process of enabling users equipped with Webcams to interact with videos or 3-D images online in real-time, has made the cover of Popular Science.
  • The Lure Of The Snark: Branded E-Cards Promote TV Shows
    How would you react if your friend sent you a virtual greeting card that said: "I hope a sexy, exotic woman we smuggle across the Mexican border never gets it in the way of our friendship." If you're an avid watcher of the Showtime series, "Weeds," you'll enjoy the reference. If you're a non-watcher, like me, you'll furrow your brow and wish you were in on the joke.
  • Agency Taps YouTube For Corporate Use
    The majority of ad agency Web sites contain the following components: an "about us" section, executive bios, case studies and a portfolio of work, past and present. And Flash, don't forget the Flash. That being said, agencies are searching for a way to tell their story in a non-cookie-cutter format. We've seen Modernista direct site visitors to its online properties, like its Facebook profile, Wikipedia page, flickr page and YouTube playlists. Now, BooneOakley, Charlotte, has turned its Web site into a series of YouTube videos.
  • HBO Uses Real Brands To Target Faux Audience
    HBO loves creating fake brands to promote its original programming, as when four artificial brands were fabricated to promote the second season of "Big Love." Last year, a print, outdoor and online campaign promoted a synthetic blood nourishment drink to hype the series premiere of "True Blood." I wondered how HBO would put a different spin on fake brands when touting the second season of "True Blood," returning June 14. This time around, familiar household brands such as Ecko, Geico, Gillette, Harley-Davidson, MINI, Gillette, and Monster.com, promote fictional products to a specific, nonexistent, target audience: vampires.