• ASICS Lite-Brites Up Your Life
    ASICS has a knack for speaking to its target audience in unique ways. Playing off childhood memories works well for the brand.
  • Business Cards 2.0
    I can't recall the last time I gave someone my business card. It's been awhile. Nowadays, people usually ask for an email address, if you're findable on Facebook or your Twitter handle. Yet business cards remain a necessity, regardless of how often they're distributed. Here's a look at business cards that stand out and stay memorable, without getting too gimmicky, in this digital age.
  • Rock On: Music Tee Includes Music With Purchase
    The Music Tee, a shirt that marries fashion with music, features album art on the front, track listings on the back and a hang tag containing a URL and unique code where consumers can download the album.
  • Barcodes Make Print Ads Interactive
    Financial services provider BMO Capital Markets runs a print ad in the Wall Street Journal every Friday. Last week, select version of the company's regularly scheduled ad featured two-dimensional barcodes placed at the bottom left-hand corner. The barcodes, called Ezcodes and created by Scanlife, bring readers to a customized Web page that offers additional information touched upon in print creative.
  • Beauty Of New Technology: Users Personalize Before-And-After Ads
    ModiFace has developed a technology that allows users to upload pictures of themselves into online ads. The technology is geared towards beauty and cosmetic brands and gives consumers the ability to view an "after" shot of how they'd look, using a certain product.