• Your Facebook Newsfeed, On a Big Screen, In 3D
    Technological advancement or sign of the apocalypse? LG Electronics, a big proponent of content viewing in 3D, created an experimental platform in which users could view their Facebook Newsfeeds on 3D screens. This begs the question: Is 3D becoming ubiquitous?
  • Pfaff Porsche's Customized Direct Mail Didn't Even Need A Stamp!
    Direct mail may be customizable by household, but usually not to the extent of Toronto's Pfaff Porsche campaign of 60 direct-mail pieces. Sixty pieces might sounds like a small number for a big city like Toronto, but not when it's so well-targeted. Lowe Roche, Toronto, created the campaign, targeting homeowners in affluent neighborhoods in Toronto in a very special way.
  • Tweet My Ride: London Taxi-Riders Sample Electric Cars
    Before the Olympics invaded London, Nissan LEAF offered Londoners and tourists alike discounted cab rides in electric taxis.