• Westin Hotels Launches Amazon.com Storefront
    Westin Hotels and Resorts launched an online storefront on Amazon.com March 1 to sell Westin-branded products, along with other brands available at the properties.
  • Bloggers Help 'Hunt' Down Vodafone Customers
    Recently, Vodafone wanted to promote its latest phone, the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1, especially the product's social networking navigation. Vodafone felt that consumers would be leery about participating in an online event created and sponsored by a big brand, so the company reached out to 15 bloggers in the Netherlands to design their own "You Flick in my Hyve Face" Chase, an online treasure hunt.
  • 2010: The Year of the Robot?
    If 2010 is the year of the tiger, Sundance should be known as the festival of the robot. That's where Honda brought its humanoid robot ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), and "I'm Here," a 30-minute film that made through a partnership with Absolut Vodka, debuted.
  • Ads Target Tech-Savvy Gamers With Hidden Creative
    I'm sometimes fluent in tech-speak, so I'm quasi-familiar with the term source code. Simply put, it's a series of readable code, hidden beneath a Web page, allowing it to function properly. The average Web surfer has no reason to check source code, something that Wieden+Kennedy Portland was counting on when it created a below-the-radar campaign for Electronic Arts' "Dante's Inferno" game.
  • Who's At The Door? Blu Dot, Coming To Discuss That Chair You Took.
    Picture it: You're walking through Manhattan and you pass a discarded modern, colorful chair, in good condition. Do you take it home with you? Anything curbside is fair game to passersby, but what about a chair left inside a park? These questions were answered in November when Blu Dot and its agency Mono concocted a two-day experiment that led up to Blu Dot's one-year anniversary in its SoHo location.