• Bonjour! 'Keewords' Tests Language-Learning Theory With Beta Site
    Have you ever wanted to learn a second or third language, but didn't have the free time to take a class? Perfect Fools created a website and Facebook app for Keewords, an online company that teaches users to learn up to 12 languages. The site recently launched in beta using linguistic research commissioned by Keewords. The study found that people must know approximately 1,500 words to understand 75% of another language.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty:Tweeting Into Space
    If you were to tweet a message into space, what would you say? I'd want to riff off "The X-Files'" famous tagline: "The truth is out there," and possibly combine it with iconic "Star Trek" quotes. But I have to make contact using 140 characters. Here's why.
  • UNIQLO Promotes Dry Mesh T-Shirts With Pinterest
    Ever find yourself viewing pictures on Pinterest and realize you're in something of a trance-like state, zoning out while you scroll? It happens more often than you think. UNIQLO and Firstborn came up with a campaign that simultaneously promoted a product, something not typically seen on Pinterest, and rustled users from their viewing rut.
  • Join the 1% On Twitter With Twitterich
    The average Twitter user has maybe a few hundred followers. Active, informative users might have thousands. Then there are celebrity Twitter users, who easily rack up millions of followers. Ever wonder how it would feel knowing that millions of followers are anxiously waiting to read your next tweet? You have a chance at hitting the Twitter lottery and amassing one million Twitter followers. The Martin Agency launched Twitterich on Friday as a social experiment. The company will give away a million followers to a randomly chosen follower, once (if?) it reaches the one-million mark.