• The Allure Of Action Sports
    The power of the action sports market has yet to be completely realized. For non-endemic corporations, breaking into this market isn't as easy as it may seem. Skaters, surfers and snowboarders traditionally are leery of non-endemic brands. Here are some tips for marketing to the action sports demographic.
  • 5 Rules For Snagging Consumer 2.0
    Listening closely to your consumers and engaging them in deeper, two-way relationships is a great start. Paired with an understanding of Consumer 2.0, marketers will be better equipped to navigate their businesses through unprecedented change. After all, Consumer 3.0 probably isn't far behind.
  • How To Get Their Attention
    If you want to market to Gen Y, then create profiles on social networks that its members are already participating with and engage them directly. These social networks can include the leading sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as niche sites and video-sharing sites like YouTube. Here are some tips.
  • The Rise Of Cultural Movements
    Gen-Y's unique activist spirit will be its lasting generational hallmark, one that will change the future practice of marketing for the better.