The Selfie Is Dead, Long Live The Selfie
    Sometime in the late-21st century, when linguists and anthropologists are working to pinpoint the exact date when the selfie died, they might trace the Moment of Death for the Selfie (at least among a certain group of Millennials) to Nov. 19, 2013. That, of course, was the day when the esteemed arbiters of words and stuff at the Oxford English Dictionary officially named "selfie" the 2013 Word of the Year. Not-so-coincidentally, it was the same day that Millennials around the world let out a collective "ugh," put down their collective camera phones, and rolled their collective eyes so far back …
    Our 5 Biggest Pieces Of Marketing Advice For 2014
    We're more than a week into 2014, and 2013 has already become a memory. But it was a big year in tech, marketing, and a big year for Millennials (as they officially became a buzzword), and we don't want to let the last 12 months go without looking at the lessons we've learned. Today, we're listing our biggest advice on how to market to Millennials that you should take with you into the next year.
    Jay-Z's 'Lack of Authenticity' Should Give Clue to Millennial Marketers
    Never underestimate the power of transparency, especially when trying to appeal to Millennials. According to recent research by celebrity branding expert Jeetendr Sehdev, hip-hop superstar Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter has an authenticity problem. The study found that of the 80 celebrities presented to a field of over 1,000 Millennial consumers, Jay-Z was actually the least prominent when it came to purchasing influence.
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