• Chartreuse Is The Real Green For Gen Y
    There is a great amount of research associated with Gen Y's commitment to the environment and its desire to better the planet and itself through both behavior and consumption. The truth is, though, as much as the passion is there, sometimes the action is not. What does this mean for marketers and how should you react? Tread lightly and stay true to who you are.
  • Social Media Is About Content, Not Platforms
    Among Gen Y consumers, we identified two groups with that use Facebook and Twitter about the same amount. "Enthusiasts" go online in search of information that supports their offline hobbies and interests such as food, sports, travel, music, etc. "Deal Seekers" go online in search of freebies, discounts, and coupons.
  • Back to Spend?
    Both bubbles and recessions are largely psychological. We'd all find our sails filling with wind if this year's BTS manages to bring a skittish economy back to life. In the meantime, if you're angling for BTS dollars, keep your powder dry and don't assume that it's all over by Labor Day.
  • Gen Y Traits Come Honestly
    There is a great opportunity for brands to help them quickly navigate the world in a way that is visual, intuitive and contextual to the way their mind works.