Meet The Most Sophisticated Generation Yet: Gen We
    In interacting with my daughter and her friends on a daily basis, it has become clear to me that this generation of kids is way more sophisticated than we were. Don't believe me? Go find a 10 year old, and ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. I know what I said at 10, and it was president of the United States (sorry to disappoint you, Mom). In my generation, the answers you would have gotten were more simple -- doctor, lawyer, police officer. That is just not the case anymore. I did a quick poll …
    It's Personal: 3 Brands Making Marketing A Personalized Experience
    As social media has lifted the barriers between brand and consumer, making one-on-one conversations not just possible but expected, marketing has begun to shift to beyond-niche levels. Smart brands are targeting consumers on a personal level, making marketing into a customized, exclusive experience that feels like it is just for them. Kleenex and Kotex were two brands at the forefront of the personalized marketing movement, both targeting small groups through Facebook and Pinterest, respectively, and sending care packages and personalized crafts to only a few hundred individuals. Each gained impressions far beyond the small number of people who were sent …
    Marketing, Crowdfunding, And The Millennial Entrepreneur
    As marketers continuously attempt to dive into the minds of Millennials, they may want to give notice to a new way of investing that has caught fire: crowdfunding. Whether it is for disaster relief, artist support, or startup company investing, crowdfunding has proven to be a valuable tactic to raise money through a collective effort of individuals pooling money to fund efforts initiated by other people or organizations. At a time when more aspiring entrepreneurs are trying to break through the crowd and launch their innovative ideas, crowdfunding offers the opportunity to gather investments to bring their ideas to life. …
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