Nudes, Sexts, And Dealing With An Ex: Why Marketers Should Care
    From generation to generation, you hear the same thing: Back in my day, things were not this crazy, oversexed, and dangerous. You probably also talk about how you walked uphill both ways to school (possibly in the snow).
    On Social Media, Get The Girls To Get The Guys
    Bars have had it figured out for ages: A ladies night will bring in the guys. When girls are there, guys have an incentive to hop on the bandwagon. While this has always been the case in the real world, the same phenomenon has increasingly made its way into the digital world as well.
    Heightened Millennial Expectations Shift The Travel Industry
    Today, travel doesn't just stand for getting from one destination to another for millennials. Traveling is a part of their identity - a vital experience that helps them understand, grow and continuously reinvent their sense of self. In fact, it is so important to this generation that young adults rank travel as more important than escaping from their student loans, buying a "big ticket" item, improving relationships with family and friends or even starting a family of their own.
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