• Stop Shouting! Why Enabling Brand Discovery Works Best
    We've all read the headlines, that Millennials are the hardest generation to reach due to their multi-tasking, multi-screen, "always on" mentalities. With this group's tendency to overload their senses and ability to edit their lives in real time, Millennials are savvy to the ways of traditional advertising. This makes it hard to figure out how to engage them and even more difficult to begin the conversation. When it comes to the Millennial attitude towards marketing, they don't want to be told what to do, what to like, or what to buy and will quickly tune out any message that is ...
  • Track Away But Improve Their Online Experience
    "Do Not Track" has been a hot topic for a seemingly long time and shows no real sign of a quick resolution. The main issue is relatively straightforward: what data can sites and services collect from my online behaviors, and what limits do these sites and services have in using this data to target me? Heavyweights such as Google, Microsoft and others are actively looking for a solution as they realize the industry's failure to better police itself could result in tighter restrictions in targeting consumers.
  • Making TV More Social For Multi-tasking Millennials
    The television industry is ever-changing as Millennials, in particular, are consuming content on new media and interacting with TV in innovative ways. This generation shaped the music industry in their preference to access content rather than own it, and, in recent years, they've induced innovation across the TV industry too. We've noticed several shifts not only in how they watch content (streaming shows on computers, tablets, and smartphones more and more), but also in how they interact around television, even when they're watching shows alone. Networks, marketers, tech companies, and more are responding to their habits and preferences by making ...
  • Do You Have A Tablet Strategy?
    In a perfect world, every marketer would get to work for an innovative tech company (Google and Apple are the dream, right?) where just about everyone, and certainly most Millennials, are inherently interested in everything you do. But, unfortunately we live in an imperfect world and marketers are housed in every industry, even ones that Generation Y isn't inherently interested in (apologies to the insurance and finance marketing folks).