• 4 Things Brands Can Learn From Social Millennials
    It's widely known that Millennials are early adopters and high utilizers of social media. And many brands have tried to build social experiences to engage them...some more successfully than others. To find out what drives success, we conducted a qualitative study to understand what brands could learn from people who are truly sociable versus just active in social media. Rather than select the participants, we had people describe the traits of people they considered to be very sociable and then each brought people that fit that description. As seen by their friends, sociable people have four characteristics that brands could ...
  • 5 Things You Need To Know About The Next Generation of Consumers
    Each summer we hire a large group of interns from all over the country and for three months the agency is buzzing with full-of-hope teens and 20-somethings. Last summer, in particular, they not only made me feel older and less cool than I already do, but they also facilitated an in-depth study to help our Insights Team get smarter about the next generation of consumers - Generation We or Generation Z, as it's also called. The study included observational research, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of secondary studies and databases such as Iconoculture, MRI and Mintel. Gen We is the generation ...
  • A Mid-Year Trend Check-In
    We're always keeping an eye on shifting Gen Y attitudes and habits. Here are a few trends we've noticed take shape during the beginning of the year that are impacting youth media and marketing as young consumers continue to put their stamp on the world.
  • Above All Else, Be Authentic
    Millennials have been marketed to for as long as they can remember. They know they are a desired demographic. They accept marketing and advertising as a necessary part of commerce.