• 5 Lessons Learned From The Front Line
    Marketers must continually find fresh ways to develop a better, more relevant experience. With this generation, it's about trial and error -- there is no easy path to success but it is essential to try or your brand may not survive to see the next generation.
  • The Fluid Nature Of Gen Y's Media Habits
    Interacting with Gen Y audiences requires marketers to consider the nuances of life stages. Some have suggested that as Millennials enter the workforce, their influence will change communication. Others have suggested the opposite, that these consumers will adapt to the communication channels defined by social norms for their life stage.
  • The Red Cross Just Had A Marketing Breakthrough
    The right process met the right generation at the right time.
  • Back To Basics
    While this generation is indeed tech-savvy, marketers looking to unhook the purse strings of Gen Y by leveraging social networks or the mobile web were sorely disappointed. Gen Y considers social media to be tools for being social, not for bargain shopping or gift-giving.