• Gamification: A Fad Or The Future
    There is lots of evidence that brands see loyalty increases when they invite consumers to participate in an experience. Even Facebook "likes" increase with the smallest gesture of asking people for their opinion in a survey. People collect experiences and they value the involvement that an experience offers. For that reason "gamification" or the application of game mechanics to other types of experiences is interesting because it increases involvement and it's been shown to create consumer loyalty. And as we all know, loyalty has real business value.
  • Offer Utility Not Just Novelty
    This time of year, the height of all things consumer-related, quickly followed by the Super Bowl, television ads' most prestigious day of the year, the marketplace is often chock full of creative messaging. Generation Y is often the target of that creativity.
  • AR Apps Are The New QR Codes
    Last holiday season, QR codes, those pixilated packets of information, were everywhere. This season, they're being out-shined by augmented reality (AR). AR is finally going mainstream, but is it ready for the public? And are we ready for it?? Augmented reality consumer applications have been around for a while- about as long as QR codes - and now that a majority of Americans have smartphones to access the technology, it has the potential to take off. Notice we say "potential."
  • A Note To Brands: Thanks For The Givings, Everyday
    Millennials are hard to please, with consumption patterns as predictable as the mental state of the woman in the holiday Target ads (off the treadmill but in her red leisure suit) must have been on the day of the Target Missoni launch. We want what we want, when we want it... our way. And if there is even the slightest possibility someone or something may thwart our efforts, lock your doors and hide your children. Because, as many of our parents taught us, we will find a way to make it happen (because we are that talented). Note: this really ...