It's All In Their Name
    Look into any marketer's files and you're almost sure to find at least one, if not several, market segmentation reports. Those reports will be full of catchy names like "Info Seekers" or "Reluctant Networkers" that embody the distinct characteristics of that segment. These names mean something and are a constant reminder of the mindset of the segment-which is part of the reason this age-old tactic works. Generational insight is a lot like this. The name of a generation means something, an understanding of which can inherently help marketers.
    I'm With The Band: Music, Marketing, And Millennials
    Watching the Super Bowl last weekend, I thought the ad for the Chevy Sonic was attention-grabbing for many reasons. The song, the tagline, the stunts, the general vibe all screamed "Millennial." Chevy has made it no secret that it is determined to understand young drivers and make the cars they want to own.
    The State Of Our Unions
    As Millennials are set to be the next leaders of our nation (some already are, based on whom you speak to), it seems only fitting that we take a closer look at how Millennials are leading.
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