Disconnection In A Connected World
    A recent "New York Times" article shed light on a very interesting comparison: conversation versus connecting. Often we hear about and/or have discussions about contacting versus connecting, but this one feels new. Since when has conversation been considered different from connecting?
    Millennials Are Leading The Social Media Explosion
    Nearly every month this year, we've heard about some small social network that's the next big thing. Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and others have been making headlines in 2012 for their rapid growth and popularity with Millennials. Social media is splintering. Facebook has dominated the scene for years, but lately it's being eclipsed by the buzz around niche networks.
    Time For A Global Warming Up To Millennials
    USA Today recently shed light on a study published by the American Psychological Association that analyzed two surveys, University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future and UCLA's American Freshman, both of which position Millennials as more focused on ourselves than anything else. While there is some truth to this, many of our moms told us the "S" on the tag in the back of our shirts is for Special versus Small; perhaps the cultural shift in young adults requires further review through a different lens.
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