Unlocking The Power Of Authenticity With Millennial Consumers
    Lately, it seems like whenever I have a discussion about branding, the word authenticity comes up, no matter what the category or age of the target audience. It seems like authenticity, and the desire to portray a brand as authentic, is on everyone's mind. So what is authenticity? Essentially it's the quality of being genuine or real, but often we use the word to mean true to its origins, unadulterated, or uncompromised. Based on research from Iconoculture, a top U.S. consumer trends firm, a strong majority of U.S. consumers agrees that "being genuine and authentic is extremely important for me …
    New Tools For Grownups
    Getting married, buying a home, and other big adult decisions are happening later in life for Millennials, and as they age up and begin to take on these major tasks in larger numbers, they're looking for tools to make the intimidating more manageable. Being a grownup doesn't come with a guidebook (as previous generations know) but Millennials are used to being able to rely on lifehacks, cheats, shortcuts, and how-tos to get things done faster and more seamlessly. They are approaching their next wave of grownup moments with the same expectations, and building a grownup toolbox to help navigate new …
    Giving Them Something To Talk About
    I have a confession to make. A few weeks ago, thousands of my peers attended an event called the Electric Daisy Carnival over at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens. I am ashamed to admit that up until I started seeing photos of dozens of my Facebook friends ensconced in 50 shades of neon, I had never even heard of the event. I have another confession to make: I immediately wanted to be a part of the experience despite knowing nothing about it.
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