Myth Busting: Millennials DO Respond To TV Advertising
    Marketers recognizing facts remember TV is Millennials' top medium for discovering what's cool and they are just as likely to be influenced by TV advertising throughout the buying process as Xers and Boomers. These marketers will also remember Millennials understand, expect and like behavioral targeting and accordingly respond to online advertising more than their elders.
    Branded = Bad
    Remember a few years back when every teen, tween, and college student seemed to be covered head to toe in brands? Ed Hardy hats and tees, massive Abercrombie logos, and Juicy Couture's signature gold lettering? We're not seeing that so much anymore.
    Investing In The Future
    In the beginning of the year, many of their approaches to connecting with Millennials were similar to the way some American tourists go to foreign countries and speak English to the locals, not understanding why they cannot communicate. However, as the year moved forward, so did their knowledge about Millennials.
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