• Is Your Brand A Hyper-Connector Or Truly Sociable?
    As consumers have embraced social media, brands have tried to get in on the action ... especially if Millennials are an important audience for the brand. Consequently, many marketers are increasing their social media budget to the point that some studies say nearly 18% of marketing budgets will be devoted to social media within the next five years. But why?
  • 21 Fast Facts About Millennial Tablet Owners
    Once again, Apple had everyone all a-flutter last week with the announcement of the "resolutionary" new iPad. Given all the additional focus on tablets lately, it's a good time to hone in on what we know about Millennials and tablets.
  • The New Millennial Mindset: Positive Is As Positive Does
    The Internet is a dangerous place. When Millennials go online, they risk running into cyberbullies, thieves after their identities, trolls lurking in the comments sections of webpages... Even on social media sites, where they're surrounded by their "friends," they can occasionally feel harassed. And for all the social aspects of being online, the web can be a little narcissistic. Some people only seem interested in tweeting about what they're doing and only want to hear opinions in line with their own.
  • Getting Out Of Line To Draw The Right Conclusions
    Historical plans used to include messaging for above-the-line (mass) and below-the-line (not mass) communications. Sometimes, depending on how the person you are speaking with perceives it, even through-the-line (gasp, what, both!?). Now, it's just about the line ... period. Do you have a line of communication with your audience? How are you using it, and what story does it tell?