How Gen Y Really Wants To Interact With Brands
    Long gone are the days when delivering your message was a simple as buying TV spots and placing newspaper ads. Now it's a complex process to distribute resources among dozens and dozens of outlets. All the while, there's the worry that if you actually do penetrate through the noise, you might wind up annoying your customer.
    TV Isn't What It Used To Be
    It's no secret that Millennials are watching streaming video online, whether via YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, or any number of other sites (legal and illegal). And some are streaming online video via a box connected to their TV, like Roku, Boxee, and even some video game consoles. This generation is tech-savvy and poised to revolutionize the TV industry, particularly cable, just as it did the music industry.
    Getting The Second Date
    Take this quiz to find out if you have the know-how to turn first dates into something more with Millennials.
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