The Prefrontal Cortex Is The Way To Millennials
    Like many generations before, today's Millennials are a coveted group for marketers. Gen Y's buying power comes in second only to the Boomer age group, and Millennials are the first to grow up in today's digitally connected culture. Understanding a generation that speaks in acronyms -- like YOLO -- and keeps their eyes glued to their phones can be difficult, but achievable.
    A Look Into The Crystal Ball: Top Trends For 2013
    We track youth's habits and trends constantly, examining how Millennials, the largest generation in American history, are influencing and shaping culture. They'll be leading the way with major media shifts in 2013, stemming from their desire to make the world simply more intuitive. The following are five flavors of innovation we expect to see in 2013.
    Going 'All In'
    There's a point in a poker game when you've assessed the strength of your hand and evaluated your opponents' faces, considering the likelihood that they might have something better. You decide to trust your gut and make a bold move. You go "all in."
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