Are Millennials Starting To Rethink Social Media?
    There's a common perception among marketing types that all Millennials are all over social media all of the time. Hyperventilating headlines feed into the hysteria that the only sure-fire way for brands to effectively reach members of Generation Y is through a bombardment of messaging primarily delivered through a wide swath of social media channels. Turns out the stereotype of selfie-obsessed, share-happy Millennials might be flawed. In fact, recent reports indicate that Millennials have become more discerning about the social channels they prefer to use and a growing number of Gen Y are actually starting to opt out of social …
    Putting The 'Millennial' In Marketing
    The world of marketing is rapidly changing, and for many marketing leaders, millennials are at the top of the list from an engagement perspective. The question I regularly hear from marketing leaders in retail, consumer goods and broader industries is, "What are best practices for marketing to millennials?"
    Three New Stats On Millennial Parents
    More attention is being paid to Millennial parents, who are growing in number and in influence. We've been keeping tabs on the next generation of caregivers for some time. Our 2014 trend New Parents on the Block declared: The era of Millennial parenting is about to begin...and understanding how they're approaching this new role will be vital for brands who want to attract them.
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