• Business Success Moves Beyond Marketing
    Both banking and insurance are old regulated industries, and both State Farm and Chase have found different ways to reinvent for Millennials. Finding the perfect marriage of your business drivers and the needs of Millennials isn't easy. But, ultimately, if you can go beyond just reinventing your marketing to also reimagine the way you do business with this group, the impact can be huge and long lasting.
  • 7 Things You Need To Know About Millennial Women
    Generation Y has moved well beyond the latest buzz word to an increasingly influential consumer force. Currently Gen Yers, or Millennials, make up 52% of the key 18-to-49 demographic, which means marketers can't afford to misunderstand them, particularly Gen Y women.
  • Life Is But A Stream
    All this buzz about clouds is not hyperbole. There's a fundamental shift in how media is being consumed, and Gen Y is at the epicenter of it all.
  • A Millennial Goes Back To The Future
    I came to the realization that while I have so many ways to contact my friends via the plethora of social networks and other evolving technologies, I am not necessarily connecting with them.