Millennials Lead The Uber-sumer Movement
    Generation Y has led many movements since coming of age, and for marketers, one of the most powerful movements Gen Y leads is the evolution of the uber-consumer. Through technological adoption, cultural shifts, embedded social networks and the overall size of the demographic, this "uber-sumer" is wresting control from brands to dictate the how, when and where of the marketplace. The rapid pace of innovation in today's world means that brands are often playing catch-up with these tech-savvy and ultra-connected consumers, and brands are often caught unawares of business- and industry-altering changes.
    3 Marketing Lessons Brands Could Learn From Taylor Swift (Seriously)
    In the article Taylor Swift wrote for the "Wall Street Journal," the star emphasized the importance of surprising fans and staying inventive to please the "YouTube generation." Well, we've been paying attention to Swift's efforts to surprise and delight her own fans, and this year she has consistently made headlines for her tactics, not only keeping her name in the spotlight, but also building buzz for her new album. So whether or not you like her ear worm hits, brands could learn a few marketing lessons from Taylor Swift (seriously):
    Marketers Succeed In Building Wine Awareness Among Millennials
    Among all alcoholic beverages, the wine category has been steadily growing for the past few years. Despite the fact that Baby Boomers still make up the majority of the market for wine consumption, Millennials actually have become the fastest-growing demographic making them a target for producers and marketers. According to Euromonitor, Millennials in the U.S., in particular, are even becoming fascinated with wine at a pace not yet visible among younger generations in Europe.
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