• Unlocking The Potential Of Millennials At Work
    Millennials. You market to them, and you likely work with them. Short attention spans. Entitled. Job jumpers. These are just a few phrases that have been used to describe the emerging Millennial workforce. Millennials have been stereotyped by older generations as the lazy, schizophrenic misfits of corporate America, and it's quite possible there are a handful of Millennials that fit this description. However, if you choose to look past outward appearances, there are realities that would also lead you to believe this generation is highly educated and possesses noteworthy drive and passion.
  • It's About Respect
    Gen Y is different than their Baby Boomer parents - and they make sure everyone knows. They were taught from a young age that they could do anything they want, that they are special, and there is nothing that they cannot do. They believe deeply in themselves and in being individuals with their own sense of style, opinions and values. Anyone standing in their way or bucketing them into groups is in danger of being written off as misunderstanding them. Let's be honest: They want some genuine attention and recognition. More importantly, they want respect.
  • Millennials Take Calculated Risks, But Still Engage In Risky Behavior
    Millennials aren't rebels. In general, they don't partake in nearly as many risky behaviors as previous generations, and when they do engage in dangerous activities, it's usually not to act out. Instead, they consider risky behaviors - like texting and driving, underage drinking, and smoking pot - as experiences or choices where the payoff outweighs the risk. That doesn't mean their actions aren't dangerous, but Millennials have a different mindset when deciding what activities to engage in.
  • Diversity Matters
    In today's complicated media world, it takes many layers to build effective marketing campaigns-digital, social and traditional, just to name a few. When building campaigns for Millennials, don't fall into the all-too-easy trap of getting lost in the details and missing one all-important element that transcends platforms: diversity.