• Marketing With Geotagging Is Where It's At
    How will you use geotagging in your marketing? Will youth notice and respond to offers from brands using this technology?
  • When Old Tricks Become New Treats
    Gen Y isn't familiar with layaway's choppy history. This means that the previous reputation of layaway isn't a barrier to its rebirth.
  • Ad Infinitum
    The economic imperative to "monetize" the online spaces and places that young consumers inhabit is leading to a multibillion-dollar game of cat-and-mouse, wherein youth seek out new, ad-free environments, occupying them until marketers identify and infiltrate these ad-free havens.
  • Secrets Do Make Friends
    Secrets can be your strategy. Tell your brand loyalists first about a new program. Reward Facebook Fans with the inside scoop on a new product. Share inside information on an upcoming sale with your best shoppers in store, face to face. They get the info first so they get to share it first.