Despite What You've Heard, They Seek Lasting Love
    Thanks to Valentine's Day, a plethora of stories recently hit the online stratosphere about the dating lives of Millennials. Many of these articles, derived by the alleged Millennial experts, hint that dating has been replaced with "hooking up," technology is a crutch, courtship has ended and traditional values are being lost.
    Want 2 Meet Up? How Millennials Are Redefining Dating In The Digital Age
    Dating is often complicated and confusing, but that's especially the case for Millennials. They're coming of age at a time when it's not just about forming a connection with someone in person; rather, it's about getting to know someone through technology. Many Millennials are essentially having a relationship with their cellphone or computer screen as a portal to get to know or make plans with another person. They're constantly waiting to receive and respond to texts, attempting to interpret cryptic messages, and wondering how to define their relationship if they're not "Facebook Official."
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