How An Uptight Gen Xer Learned To Chillax By Sharing Like A Millennial
    A coupla months ago, my nearly 100-year-old house flooded, thanks to rusted and rotted radiator pipework in an ancient heating system that decided it can't even anymore. My family and I had just returned from spring break vacation to discover that it was raining from virtually every ceiling inside of our house, something I'm told is atypical for most single-family homes. As a result, 80% of our humble suburban Colonial was gutted, from attic to basement, and my partner, our two kids, our two dogs, and I had to move out while our house was in shambles.
    Does Your Brand Need To Learn How To Share?
    In terms of critical daily needs, social sharing may not rank as high on a millennials' list as, say, eating or breathing, but it comes pretty close. From the moment millennials wake up, they are checking out and checking on the various dramas unfolding in their multi-platform social spheres. And when something strikes a chord - whether it's their own content-worthy experience or someone else's - it gets shared.
    Three Stats To Know About Teens Today
    When studying young consumers, we look at more than just Millennials overall. In order to understand the generation, we focus in on males, females, college students, parents, and more to understand the way that their behavior and preferences might vary. So of course our monthly surveys of young consumers include stats on teens as well-and we can tell you that there are definitely ways that they differ from their older peers. They have different taste in music. They text more. And that's just the beginning. Here are three stats to know about teens today:
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