Millennial Branding
    Are Millennials elusive consumers for established brands? While some long-standing brands do well with Millennials, others struggle. According to a study by the Moosylvania agency, almost all of Millennials' top 50 favorite brands are large companies, the top three being Nike, Apple, and Samsung.
    Don't Forget About Dad: Millennial Parents On Marketing
    Fourteen percent of Millennials 18-32 years old are currently parents, with nearly 8,000 more taking on the title of mom and dad each day. When we first wrote about how Millennial parents could change families, we said that parenting as partners will be vital to this generation of parents. While in the past moms have received the bulk of attention from brands, now more than ever dads being included in that messaging will matter. As more have started families in the last few years, it's become even more clear that for them it's not just about Millennial moms, but about …
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