• 'Why Y Women'
    Gen Y women represent a challenge to marketers. They want to be addressed as individuals, are skeptical of marketing messages and inundated by media and advertising. However, once Gen Y women have a personal connection to a brand, they become passionate advocates and ambassadors.
  • Millennial Mom 101
    Millennial Moms have quickly become technology's early adopters, über social connectors and a powerful online voice. The implications of the changes cannot be underestimated. Brands that plan to market to Millennial Moms in the coming years will need to quickly get up to speed and stay in the loop on the latest trends, technologies and communication patterns to stay connected to their consumers.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Embrace The Potential Of Halloween
    Youth marketers should know that Halloween for college students is always a bull market, and for a very small amount of time each year, they need look no further than the local haunts if they want to reach this demographic.
  • Consider Price Sensitivity An Open Invite
    Short handset purchase cycles and heavy inter-carrier churn will allow those who are looking to develop youth-centric mobile applications to overcome the challenges that they face today.
  • The Unemployed May Be One Of Your Best Targets
    Gen Y members are the most likely to believe the economy will improve in a year. They are the least likely to cut back on products or services that support their media-centric lifestyle -- in-home entertainment such as cable, communication services such as their mobile phone, etc.