5 Ways To Leverage Visual Social Media To Connect With Millennials
    As the Visual Web continues to evolve, social streams are being flooded with snapshots, GIFs and emojis. We are moving toward an increasingly visual digital landscape - a shift that Millennials are not just cheerily embracing but actively driving.
    Marketing That's (Just) Missing The Mark With Millennials
    We know young consumers are picky, and not always easy to please when it comes to marketing. Sometimes a campaign can be so close to getting it right, but the slightest detail stands out to turn them off. From hashtag misuse to gender stereotyping missteps, marketing to young consumers sometimes feels like a land mine of mistakes-especially when targeting a generation who has no problem telling you when you've got it wrong. As we say so often, understanding the way that Millennials see themselves is a vital part to messaging to them in the right way. Here are two recent …
    Millennial Fashion: How the Times Have Changed
    Fashion trends come and go ... this is as true today as it was 50 years ago. However, for Millennials, particularly those in the younger half of the generation bracket, there has been quite a shift in preferences over the past decade.
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