• Managing Millennials: Turning Mistakes Into Opportunities
    Everyone knows that in the advertising business it is all about people. And a disproportionate number of those people are young. This is generally a very good thing, with lots of energy permeating the place and fresh attitudes and ideas the norm. It has always been one of my favorite aspects of this business (along with the incredible margins ... okay, not really).
  • From Social Causes To Social Change
    If you ever thought Millennials were lazy, think again! They're globally connected, thanks to social media, and have more resources than ever to make a difference. It's what "making a difference" actually means to these consumers that needs to be understood.
  • 2013 To-Do List
    Life (and work) is nearly back to normal after the slow-down of the holiday season ... which means it's time to start putting your 2013 marketing plans into action! Chances are something like "connect with Millennials" or "attract more Gen Y customers" are prominent parts of your 2013 to-do list. Like achievement of any other goal, breaking down Millennial-related goals into smaller tasks makes them much easier to accomplish.
  • Toy Rewind
    Why Gen We's most-wanted toys for 2012 were strikingly similar to those from 25 years ago.