• Millennials Seek Adventure And Engagement From Their Fave Beer Brands
    We're big fans of beer ... who isn't? We love it so much that as an agency we actually have a beer cart tradition. But over the last five years, as Millennials have swelled to make up almost two-thirds of our employees, our little beer cart has changed dramatically to accommodate the tastes of our staff. Where it used to be dominated by Heineken and Coors Light, it's now graced by Blue Moon, Fireman's #4, and Rahr Ugly Pug Porter. That made us curious: was the change the result of the influence of a couple of beer snobs in our ...
  • 5 Tips For Engaging Gen Y In Interest-Based Social Communities
    Are any of your girlfriends planning a destination wedding? If so, chances are they're connecting with other brides-to-be on BestDestinationWedding. How about that 18-year-old collegiate who is obsessed with the latest nail polish color? She's probably on MakeUpTalk most days. Or a 22-year-old DJ who's debating the merits of the latest headphones to get that perfect balance of sound quality and style? He's definitely on Head-Fi.
  • Why Your Brand Needs A Soft Side
    Ask most Millennials how often they communicate with their parents and they'll likely say once or twice a day, if not more. Thanks to technology, Gen Y can call, text, tweet, Skype, or converse with their parents on a multitude of mediums at any moment, and they're eager to do so. This ability to speak with their 'rents at any point, turn to them for advice, or constantly catch up is perhaps why Millennials have such a strong relationship with their parents and consider them among their closest friends. This reflects a major shift where Gen Y views their Mom ...
  • Be Smart And Go To The Head Of The Millennial Class
    By now, kids everywhere have gone back to school and Millennials have gone back to campus. Which means it's the perfect time for marketers to have a little study session of their own.