• Can You Reach This Target With Only Earned Media?
    The first step is to define the desired objectives for each program and how much risk you are willing to accept. From there, you need to select specific editorially aligned outlets and publishers to partner with and allow them to help set expectations, leveraging their knowledge of their audience base.
  • The Implications Of 'Digital Courage' For Marketing
    Customer service issues that crop up in social media point to earlier failures. Make sure that customer service reps understand the increasing significance of "first call resolution," even if it's at the expense of increased phone call length.
  • @Work
    While marketing to Gen Y requires a keen understanding of intergenerational differences, have you tried working with them? The economic downturn has had a profound and negative impact on Gen Y, stalling many a fledgling career. Yet, as the rebound begins, many marketing departments are augmenting their ranks with candidates that belong to their target market.
  • Boomer Brands Take Notice
    No brand can ever rest easy with one target audience, but brands that have relied heavily on Boomers for their success really need to think like Mercedes and consider how they will engage the wave of Gen Y consumers that could be the key to their futures.